“A Protagonist in every child” – Education, the way it should be.

Picked up this wonderful TED India talk from a post from Garr’s blog (hint: bookmark now!), I don’t have anything more to add to it (oh, I don’t want to get started on India’s educational system rant now) than what’s already there in the post – So don’t forget to read Garr’s post.

Speaker Info: Incase you were moved by the talk/speaker as I was and wanted to know more..

Colors in Culture

Colors in Culture
Representing Cultures in Color

Visualizing information in the most attractive manner, I know that the moment that you see it…you tell yourself..wow..that’s complex! Just go through the chart once and you’ll feel its actually easier than tabulating such abstract characteristics.

PS: Thanks to Curved White

TED 2008 – Jill Bolte Taylor: Neuroanatomist

  I woke up this morning and was synching my ipod with my computer when i noticed that there was a TED talk by a neuroanatomist on my podcast subscription, being a biology student i was curious to check it out immediately ( remembering the a previous interesting talk by a neuroscientist). For twenty minutes i was in a state of …. well i can’t sort of describe it perfectly – this is one of the best talks that I’ve listened to with so much attention that i was oblivious to what was happening around. I would definitely recommend this talk to anybody and everybody.