Radioshift – Radio on your Schedule

Radioshift – Radio on your Schedule.

AOL Music Radio – Mac

AOL Radio Mac Being a music fan i always loved radio, nostalgic yes – but nothing beats the radio.If you’re all confused about the unavailability of Pandora and several other smaller radio stations and desperately seeking greener pastures – its worth to check out the AOL Music Radio.Its got quite a collection of stations and it streams decent quality streams (its one of the reasons i gave up listening to shoutcast servers!). The AOL Music Radio client is available for both the PC and the Mac. I’m really impressed with the Mac version -its slick no nonsense interface is refreshing and the cool translucent info panel that shows up each time a song changes is so Mac’ish ;-)Besides the quality of the stream is good and comes with a plethora of stations, including XM Radio channels (fun to have in Europe!). So Rock on !! PS: Requires a AOL login ( only reason i have one is the radio)