Phonak Audéo PFE 112 – Review

I like listening to music on a headphone/earphone setup for the following very practical reasons (I just like it that way, not being one of them!). I move around a lot and don’t want to lug around massive speakers (though sweet as they are, oh those Audioengines, KEFs….), my neighborhood is a silent one and I dislike keeping my speakers “tamed” ;-).

This is not going to be a detailed review cause there are better ones out there ( linked in this post).The Phonak Audéo PFE 112 is an IEM that simply wipes out most if not all of its similarly priced competitors. Ok, you can now stop reading and go get the Phonaks.. still not convinced! on.

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Your Guide to In-ear’s (Canalphone)

A compilation of all you need to know about canalphones/IEMs – the ones that you stick in your…unlike earbuds which just sit in your ear! (Now, that’s the most crude description I could come up with to distinguish the two).