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Add some excitement to your daily apps?

I have been a fan of gmail ever since i signed up for it. Its been one the most comfortable web mail interfaces to use. And with Google labs, there is always new and interesting to try out. Speaking of new and exciting things to try out, I’ve never used alternative language interfaces (for the languages that I’m comfortable enough to use ofcourse) for my Google applications, eventhough i know that they exist.

For about a week now I’ve been using the Tamil language interface on all my Google apps and I’ve been loving it so much. Its exciting every time i check my email, chat with a friend and so on. Try changing language interfaces on your web 2.0 apps and see how much fun it is 😉

Youtubing for Academics ?!

Its no question that Web 2.0 is taking the internet to new frontiers never dreamed before.The Social networking phenomenon i.e. ‘Wisdom of crowds’ is definitely making its presence felt on the academic population.It all started with Social bookmarking for academics,which moved on to digg like research news portals and now ladies and gentlemen its Youtube time 🙂 Oh! no wait if the name YouTube strikes synonmously with ‘productivity sucker’ – then this ain’t that!

How about exchanging screencasts (videos) of your research methods and ideas to like minded audience? better yet, how about performing experiments and have them recorded and published with video and audio!! Or would you prefer to give a first person view of your research publication – that is interacting with your academic audience. Well all of the above are reality.


What is Scivee all about? ofcourse you can read it here, but somehow i believe of the three Web 2.0 services Scivee holds greater prospects in terms of early acceptance and popularity.
About Scivee

(p.s. sorry about the picture 😦 )

The next service is JoVE ( Journal of Visualized Experiments)


For the first time, JoVE allows you to publish your experiments in all its dimensions, overcoming the inherent limitations of traditional print journals, thus adding a whole new quality to the communication of your experimental work and research results.

A very interesting idea, but i am not sure how useful/popular this would become! Would be interested in watching this medium.