Teach Windows Vista (Non-Ultimate) a new Language!..

Or how to change the language of your Windows Vista OS (Apart from Ultimate & Enterprise Edition)

Apart from the multitude of versions that are available for Windows Vista, if you’re in a foreign country and usually pickup a notebook off the shelf then you would be ending up with a OS that speaks a language that you’re not very comfortable with. Now unless the computer that you purchased comes with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition/Enterprise Edition there is no option of changing the OS’s language by simply choosing a different language pack. The other option is to get another copy of the OS this time in the language of your choice! Well, that pretty much is not a choice (if you’re a fan of frugal living ;-).


Enter Vistalizator, the well thought off and a nifty utility that just helps you switch your install language on the fly, for any given localised version of Vista. There are some other methods out there, but none as easy as this.I tried out the program by helping a colleague who was suffering with a Windows Vista German Edition, the whole process of loading the English language pack was a breeze. The language pack ofcourse is downloaded from Redmond and therefore causes no hiccups. There are some minor problems that have been observed to crop up! But the Vistalizator site has compiled them along with solutions. And of course I did not face even those trivial problems. So now you know that a you can teach a Non Ultimate version of Windows Vista a new language.