An Effective Dissertation – Tips

Overfrom Successful Academic i came across a few tips from Dr.Mckinney for effective dissertations.I must say that these are one of the most effective and down to earth practices that would really make a difference.The article begins with an introduction as to why the dissertation is widely considered to be a herculean task and gives practical suggestions to problems such as:

Problem: Self-structure project
Solutions: learn to organize the work, your time, your space and to develop systems to monitor your progress.

Problem: Newness Factor
Thoroughly research available models.

Problem: No Clear-cut Deadlines
Develop the ability to follow through on self-imposed deadlines and to create useful external deadlines.

Problem: Perfectionism Trigger
Understand and combat unrealistic expectations and learn to let yourself write really awful first drafts.

Problem: Loneliness
Establish social support networks: join a support group; find a dissertation buddy; hire a coach.

No wonder Dr.Mckinney teaches courses such as Graduate School Survival Skills and Written Communication at the University of North Carolina.


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