Bullets are Bad

Yeah well..these are the Powerpoint bullets that we’re talking about here.Ok this tip helped me a lot to improve my presentation.Ok incase you need to know how and why i reached the conclusion that Bullets are bad for presentations..(oh but not at all times..especially in academics) you should head over and read this post and an even more detailed article here.I completely agree with the point..atleast in academic presentations i’ve seen bullets being used unnecessarily.Well there are slide where they’r a must but then there more slides where they are not required.So if you think i’ve got a valid point here…then you must be prompted to the questions..”but how do i get rid of them ?”.Here ya go.


Pierre sent me this..productivity tip 😉


2 responses to “Bullets are Bad”

  1. You might have a look at this web resource about power-point 😉


  2. Thats a nice one Pierre ;-)..may be i’ll just post it along..with this post!

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