Onfolio Now Free!

Onfolio Windows Live Toolbar

A while ago i was playing around with this tool called Onfolio which is a research management and organisation tool.I must say that i was impressed with its skills.The tool had different versions such as the Pro and the Academic/Scientific version.I was fascinated with the Scientific version because of the fact that it could generate bibliographies which could be imported into Endnote which made the tool a very attractive one to use for academicians.It also offered a simple no frills RSS reader that could also serve as an information channel and also compatible with firefox.Well the only disadvantage i found was that it was not free!!.I had dropped it then and switched over to Netsnippets,which is not as specialised as Onfolio, well…its vanilla but does the job.

Today as i was browsing the microsoft live portal and downloaded the live toolbar i found that Onfolio has been acquired by microsoft and the tool is now offered as a free addon to the Live Toolbar!..Incase you wish to try this tool you must download the live toolbar beta and install the Onfolio addon.You can try it out…its worth the time…!..come on Google..come out with something.. šŸ˜‰ similar Goofolio…maybe!;-)
WARNING: This is for IE only..so if you’r a Firefoxer (like me)…i guess we have to wait for something similar..but free and Opensource ofcourse.

Meanwhile i’m still on the look out for a worthy internet information manager and organiser..(for Windows) .


One response to “Onfolio Now Free!”

  1. thanks for the tip. i’ve tried netsnippets and onfolio. i really like the reports that netsnippets generates, but onfolio does have a couple more bells and whistles.

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