which Ipod is for me?

Apple Ipods

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.

John Dewey.

If you are an Ipod fan (like me) then, your just pulling your hair about which ipod to buy? Ok before you continue further this post would be of little use to people who have the greens to buy all of the ipods (oh yes i know several who do!!).

I have an Ipod Nano (2Gb) and am loving it. I never venture out without my Nano tucked in 🙂 But still i would like to upgrade my Ipod. I first made a note of my Ipod usage to choose one of the newer ones – yeah well even though i would love to have them all 😉 i as a student it wouldn’t be possible anytime soon! So, i listen to my ipod while i am commuting mainly – capacity yes my Nano is always at full capacity! i listen to several podcasts and audiobooks and its needless to say i need space. Video is no longer an option – which is actually good because i watch all of my videopodcast subscriptions at the PC/Mac which isn’t having a good effect on my productivity. Do i like carrying my entire music collection with me? yes i do, but its not a necessity since my maximum ipod usage in 24 hrs is somewhere between 3 to 4hrs. So does that rule out the Ipod Classic ? well i am not really sure…the Classic carries a screen area of 2.5 inches which is not much more than its sibling the nano which comes in at 2 inches – but that still makes a difference while your watching video! Oh yes if you’re the kind who watches Movies on the Ipod then you sure have the ipod Video and it would make sense to go for the ipod Classic which is a good option with its ample storage space and 2.5 inch screen. I generally watch Video podcasts and would go with the Nano. But then i am also on the lookout for a mobile internet access device, which would allow me to chek my email and access my Google Reader account. And the cheapest Wifi enable device with a decent browser would be a PDA. Again the wifi enable ones dont come cheap – Here’s where the ipod touch shines (apart from the gorgeous looks and interface ofcourse). Its a Media player with my kinda storage needs and also allows me to access the internet! So right now i’ve decided to go in for the 8Gb Ipod touch 🙂

Apple’s pricing maneuver makes it difficult to make a clear cut choice – the 8Gb Nano and the 80 gig Classic differ only by a few tens!! yet again 80 and 160 on a similar plane and this holds true for the Touch as well.

So make a list of your ipod usage and then choose the one that best fits your need. I do have to mention that i am also on the look out for the older gen Ipod Video which i am looking forward to pickup at a throw away price soon enough 😉

But then…

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.

Robert Fritz
Absolutely whatever choice you make, you will still live with the longing for the choice that you had not opted for – which is ofcourse Apple’s touch of keeping its customers faithful.


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  1. ipod touch related Avatar
    ipod touch related

    great music site for the ipod touch: http://seeqpod.net/ipod touch you can also build a playlist on the main site http://www.seeqpod.net and it shows up on the ipod touch instantly

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