Javascripts on Orkut

In the past three to four days I’ve deleted several scraps from my orkut page – they ranged from “Increasing battery life on the nokia phone” to “finding out who has your name on their crushlist”. All these scraps contain a script that has to be pasted into the address bar of your browser when you’re logged into orkut. Now apart from being a waste of time, in going through the whole procedure – people do not understand the security threat that this action poses! ofcourse I’m sure that people notice the small security pop up messages that google displays asking users from to refrain from doing such things on their page.

Oh by the way, what the script does is to paste the same scrap to everybody in your friends list. Even though this is just a harmless script propagating itself on the scrap pages – it could be used to …well send a simple “screw you” message to all your friends, worse your prospective date 😉

Also everytime i get one of “find who has a crush on you” scrap, i feel ‘ god these people really need to go out more..try to have a social life..perhaps’Ok i guess i pissed off half of my friends list there! Sorry guys, was just a outpour 🙂 But think of it this way, what if the script posts your “crush list” to all of your friends pages!


3 responses to “Javascripts on Orkut”

  1. Solution – Surfing orkut with ‘javascript disabled’ and a few simple tips. I will cover these and make sure these issues are taken care of next week.

    Anti Spam Killer is Under testing stages and we sill have some bugs to fix. Hoping for a ‘cleaner’ orkut life this season.

  2. Thanks gaurav, that is sure an easy thing to do with firefox – but most of the masses are still on IE! Looking forward to your post.

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