Playing around with Motion

If you’re not the kind who fiddles around with the camera all the time, then you might end up with a disinterest in photography. Most people suggest that the only way to improve your photography is to shoot and shoot and shoot! I accept that fact, but at some point of time you just get bored with your predictable shooting styles and no longer want to shoot and shoot…

Now that I’ve explained my situation, there is something that can be used to break this monotony. Apart from the regular snaps that you click as instinct directs, try working hard to obtain pictures that you rarely get. I decided that i should be playing around with shutter speeds and try to come up with interesting photos (atleast to myself!). The first set of pictures that i tried was to capture motion. And to make things interesting i wanted to see blurred backgrounds that gave a sense of speed.


This was just shot at a slower shutter speed as my friend ran get the idea! Of course once you practice it this way you can move on over to really fast objects, like the car that was zipping past on the autobahn.


If these aren’t exciting enough, there is madness that can always help!



But remember that the latter two pictures were taken with considerable risk to property and person ;-).


2 responses to “Playing around with Motion”

  1. Its very well written article about our madness and fun that we had on that day.

    Keep writing.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Ramakanth.

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