Using the Motorola Droid as an Ebook Reader

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The trend with smartphones these days is to go big in size and with a blazing screen! Ofcourse that makes it almost perfect (ok, not all phones have a Retina display!) for ebooks. So if you’ve got a Motorola Droid then you’ve got a capable ebook reading device. It might seem pretty straightforward an idea, but hey, if motorola had thought of it they would have thrown in some basic ereader app..! So the trick is that you’ve got to go find apps that will turn your Motorola droid into a ebook reader.

Here’s my choice of three apps that will let you turn your motorola droid into an ebook reader:

Aldiko, with one of the coolest looking interface for an ebook app on the Android platform is a perfect choice to begin with. The app easily organizes and brings a beautiful library complete with the wooden shelves look.

Aldiko Ebook Reader for Android Devices

FBReader is a open source ebook reading client for the Android operating system and plays well on the Motorola Droid. Its a bit rough around the edges lacking that shine that Aldiko brings in, but hey I’m not complaining because its a great app for the price – Free!

eReader has been a long time player in the ebook market and has recently come out with client apps that will allow eReader users to consume ebooks on their mobile devices like the Motorola Droid. The app intergrates well with the eReader book store and you can easily buy books and carry them with you wherever you go. The app is not just for reading books that you bought from eReader but you can as well import your own existing ebooks in supported format into the app and enjoy them on your droid.

You can read my complete breakdown of apps that will enable your Motorola Droid ebook reader functionality as well as the best places to get your ebook from.

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