Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 : The path of Least Resistance!

Not long ago Netbooks were the rage amongst the always connected geeks. The entry of “the tablet” devices have ushered in an entirely new generation of users.Try as you may, the computer will and probably for sometime remain as a symbol of the quintessential Geek! Without getting into an argument as to the accuracy of that perception, the need for a device that would have much more mass appeal came to fruition with the introduction of the iPhone. A new way of interacting with a device (not to mention the simple eye candy!) quickly pulled in the tech savvy and the common man alike.  A tablet is loved by everybody because its not a computer!…which is to say to people do not perceive it as one!. The tablet is an extension of the idea that there is a way to engage,learn,enjoy,work and entertain all without being chained to a computer.A tablet is more like a companion – be it a boyfriend or a girlfriend, no that may pushing way too far..but bear with me while I take you through the similarities!

Treat for the Eyes!

Thinner than the iPad 2!Believe me, we buy more stuff (useless or useful like the Samsung Galaxy 750) just because they look, gorgeous! The 10.1 inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy 750 is eye-popping and catches you at first glance. Movies and photos come to life on this well designed screen at 1280×800 resolution, which actually isn’t a surprise as Samsung has a long history with display technologies.The black bezel that runs around the screen just adds the amount of perceived contrast that makes the display appealing on first sight. The rear with the plastic cover isn’t the best but that also helps bring the weight of this device to 565 grams and also keeps the skinny look with 8.6 mm width (psst…its thinner and lighter than the iPad 2!) True love comes from the heart, yet looks are so much an integral part of the relationship…right? The Samsung Galaxy Tab provides one of the most clean and clever design workmanship available on a tablet to-date apart from the iPad.


 What about relationships?

A companion for life that folks at home would approve of – you know, the whole playing well with kith and kin. So the Galaxy 10.1 comes with Bluetooth 3.0 – yeah! connect your phone, headphones and even speakers without tripping over any of the cables. WiFi in all its forms (a/b/g/n) is supported letting you get the juice out of every possible connection (but seriously a/b is so lame – get over it!) For the times when WiFi isn’t around, cellular connectivity keeps the Internet flowing to your device (and at great speeds with HSPA, EDGE, GPRS – trust me you don’t need to know what those abbreviations mean!). Samsung has customized the default Android interface with their Touch Wiz magic and it sure shines. The customization actually adds a lot of usability and interactivity to the Android OS rather than just providing some cosmetic touches. The Swype key entry is a very thoughtful addition to a device of this form factor, though it has been successful in their smartphones category. The Finger Control feature is really cool (this thing is fun to use and play!) and this is exactly the kind of smart enhancement that makes the tablet stand out from the mundane netbook/notebook category. The “find my device” service which had once been the sole right of Apple devices is a worthy feature…after all there are so many jealous eyes..on the Galaxy tab. Several such small but significant improvements adds to the user experience from a device. It definitely makes the relationship between them much interesting.

Its what’s inside that matters!

Remember that beauty that’s skin deep isn’t the way to go. The Galaxy 10.1 has a 1Ghz dual core Tegra processor that powers all the wonder and combine that with the Android 3.1 OS – its a match made in heaven. To round off, a Gig of RAM – now that’s just what you need to have a cordial and loving relationship with…if you know what I mean 😉 The 7000 mAH battery means enough time to spend on movies, music and browsing the web, whether your traveling or couch surfing (oh yes! this tablet is just a couch surfer’s dream come true!). Did I mention the support for various file formats on the video front, Complete integration of Google services means there just about everything I would ever need for work, communication and entertainment. I just cannot miss underlining the significance of the built-in flash support…cough…”other” tablet manufacturers..beware! The front facing and rear facing cameras means Skype and video recording is just a breeze. You’re always there for family and friends and all those YouTube video ideas that you had – now’s the time to make ’em come true!

Its a Family thing!

Perhaps its a little late of me selling the audience on the user friendliness of the tablet design in general, but the Samsung galaxy tablet is going to be a companion that your family members are going to welcome without any reservations. The ease of the tablet form factor together with the Touch Wiz genius of Samsung is going to impress “Chaacha- Naani” or “Thaatha-paati” who avoided the computer like a plague! Seriously set this up for the folks of at home (my NRI friends),Google Talk and Skype will make sharing all the special moments with a not so geeky family a breeze. Don’t even get me started on checking up on Cricket scores while on the move! and that flash support on the browser means that I can quickly catch up on the wonderful shot from Sachin from whatever flash source on the interwebs 😉 The keyboard accessory is an option that shouldn’t be one! yeah…sometime the comfort the sensation of your fingers hitting plastic is just too hard to sacrifice! The keyboard add-on is right on the mark and really helps when you actually have to rush out that quick memo or email in a hurry! Or’re old school 😉 The tablet is also one of the most kid-friendly gadget released recently. Getting your kid an Xbox or PS3 isn’t going to be something that you can explain off to your wife! but, this Samsung Galaxy 750 is a gaming device par none and one which can easily be brought into a household without any justifications 😉 Angry Birds!..hello! Did I tell you the kids will love you for it? Its one device that can help your kids to learn and have fun the easy way.

Enthrall me!

First things first..the pricing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the Indian market! Oh, I will take that 750 for that price – which just about blows its closest competitor for now! The only gripe about Samsung’s tablet marketing strategy in India is the lack of regionalized content. Samsung did mention in the Galaxy Tab 750 launch event Q&A that they are looking for content partners to promote media content on the tablet but I would have loved to see an advert where a user checks out YouTube videos of a couple of Bollywood trailers or something more mundane! (hey frankly we all love to entertain ourselves on the tab than work ;-)).The advert for the tablet is the international version (well made by the way!), ofcourse there is the Tab Moments (which is more “Indianized”) but that still isn’t enough. As Seth Godin once put it, don’t try to sell me the product..sell me the need for it! (guess that’s not his exact words..but you get the point!) An ace Indian sharpshooter, a tech editor and a model/actress flaunting the Samsung Galaxy is fine – but I’m looking for the average (Indian) user and all his queer adventures with the tablet (here’s an example).

In conclusion, you just don’t have to take my word … here’s a video run-through of the complete feature-set offered by the Galaxy Tab 750 and remember that I’m not trying to sell you one…just thinking aloud 😉

PS: Cool as it may the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not available in my present country of residence (Germany) due to some legal restrictions! I mean…what a bummer..! yet another reason for me to grab a Galaxy Tab when given an opportunity 😉


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