Binaural Recording – Head-fi TV

I learn’t about Binaural recordings not long back and this episode of Head-Fi TV really helped. The binaural sample tracks are worth a listen, if you are new to the world of binaural recording then you should definitely give them a shot. My first experience with binaural tracks were with the Pearl Jam album “Binaural” (yeah! ..that’s the title), that album had atleast a couple of tracks recorded binaurally and its worth a listen. The tracks on “Explorations in Space and Time” are definitely worth listening if you’re a Jazz fan or if you’re just curious what the deal is with binaural recording. If you’ve been a long time headphone listener then you will notice the change in the soundstage and presentation, everybody else are not going to be impressed!

TIP:  Make sure to watch this video with headphones on.  You’ll understand why a few minutes in.

Got a tweet with more interesting binaural goodness, urge you to check out the link in the tweet for some geek giggles 😉!/manicka_sankar/status/73744957831254016


3 responses to “Binaural Recording – Head-fi TV”

  1. I was under the impression that “binaural” was a funky term in the 80’s to mean “stereo”.

  2. Sankar, the binaural samples you sent were cool, have the tweet embedded into my post. Thanks.

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